Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ho Ho Ho!!! 2010


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hongkong Disneyland June2010

you may be too young to remember...
that you have had a blast in HK Disneyland with your cousins @ 4yo!!!
such a lucky little girl you are my love... pictures for proof...

the whole family and adults alike
we are definitely going to do a lot of travels in our lifetime!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


february 18, 2010 - you requested that we go shopping for your fourth birthday.
your shopping list included:
1. blue ipanema sandals
2. brown grendha flats
3. 3 pajamas
4. 2 leggings
5. 2 blouses
6. makeup kit

february 20, 2010 - but then you had an additional request, that you have balloons at home....

.....and blow your candle in you cake
as usual, your wish was our command....

we love you baby!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

First DayS of School

Mother Mary School of Msontessori

30 steps away from the house

wow... participating

studious kunwari...

2 weeks after... drop out

now in manila...on her 2nd month and counting

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

señorita lakwatsera at iba pa

alam mo bang ikaw si señorita lakwatsera? at ako naman si señora lakwatsera...hehehe. what can i say, "kung anong puno, siya ang bunga...lalo na kung ang bunga ay nakadikit pa sa sanga at pwedeng karukayin ng puno" hehehe.

in just 3 months, you have been to baguio, tagaytay, cagayan de oro city, ozamiz, pagadian city, misamis occidental, and camarines sur. not to mention you're traveling manila-sorsogon-manila endlessly. ang saya mo are a jet-setter at 3yo!!!

do you know that before turning 1, you have been to bohol and puerto galera? tsk tsk... batang-gala.

at ngayon, i can't go anywhere without you in tow. buti na lang you have your new yaya mean na to entertain you while im working sa tindahan. alam mo bang you cut mga 3inches of her hair mga two days ago??? that was sooo not good anak...buti nalang hindi halata. i allow you to use the scissors in th office you know...just to keep you busy. pero kanina, kinonfiscate ko because you were threatening everybody with it. so i took it away and told you dad hid it. you know anak, sometimes i had to tell white lies just to keep order in our lives. hehehe. haaay naku, sort of bratinella ka na baby. i wish you could have a sibling soon.

and kaninang lunch time pala, may buang na pumasok sa jane's at nagwala sa restroom. i was so tensed! sinira niya ang door ng men's restroom! nakakainis. 2 policemen got him. anu ba yan! talagang pinili niya ng rush hour to put on a show like that. awa ng diyos, everything went back to if nothing happened.

we went to fritz for a swim. at you know how to hold your breath under water for like 3 seconds. dad and i were so pleased. even tita jean said you'd be a great swimmer someday. hahaha. natatawa ako ngayon. we really are super proud parents of ikay.

may nakakatawa were not behaving as you should tapos sabi ni daddy mo "alam mo ba to?" in a gesture na parang papaluin ka nya. and then you said, "kamaaaay" bwahahaha! naisahan mo dun si daddy mo noh.

andito na si daddy. tigil na ko sa blog dahil sabi nya baka pati pag-burp ko ay i-blog ko pa dito. bad trip. i know you'll appreciate this anak. this is really for you. deadma na sa daddy mong illit sa blogging. lol.